Spa & Wellness

Our Spa centre caters for all. Should your idea of wellness be a relaxing body treatment or getting your heart rate going, we have a wide variety of facilities and services on offer at the hotel to meet your requirements.

Our Hathi Spa has been newly refurbished and is the epitome of indulgence and relaxation from the moment you enter. Why not spoil yourself with a well-deserved body treatment? Or you may wish to try one of our traditional massages or beauty therapies. We have a broad menu of both local and western treatments available to ensure you get the most from your relaxation, while allowing you the chance to experience something new and unique to your holiday in Myanmar.

Treatments offered

Hathi Body Scrub

60 min - $39

Stimulating sensations of fine grains combined with the gentle flow of massage, bringing new awareness of your whole body whilst your skin is polished to radiance and smooth feel.
Sea Salt - Coconut Scrub
– very efficient, 100% natural
Tamarind or Green Tea Cream Scrub
– for sensitive skin

Hathi Herbal Oil Massage

60 / 90 min - $45 / 59

A more vigorous, exhilarating massage style with our famous herbal oil helps you to recharge your energy levels and stimulates joy of being alive.

Hathi Aromatherapy Oil Massage

60 / 90 min - $49 / 65

This calm but powerful massage tackles minor aches and pains. Skillful manual inputs combined with aromatic, natural oils of healing plants to relieve muscular tensions and deeply de-stress body and mind.

Hathi Back & Shoulder Massage

30 / 60 min - $20 / 36

Focuses on your neck, back and shoulders. See how a massage can lessen muscular tensions to make you feel upright and supple.

Hathi Myanmar Traditional Massage

60 / 90 min - $39 / 52

Rhythmic hand movements along muscular lines and energy points revive your whole body, relieve tensions and stimulate energy flow. Combined with gentle stretches, this massage without oil improves your free movement. It inspires a new lightness and joy of being alive – done with gentle or firm pressure, as suits you best.

Hathi Foot & Leg Massage

30 / 60 min - $20 / 36

Enjoy the feeling of your feet waking up in the hands of your therapist. We combine the best of Eastern and Western foot and leg massage to relieve fatigue and improve circulation.

Hathi Radiant Facial

60 / 90 min - $49 / 63

Our facial treatment with high quality products pampers and brightens your skin. Relaxing face massage with a custom made blend of precious oils combined with a calming hydrating Aloe Vera Honey mask. Should your skin need a deep cleansing, we recommend the 90 minutes treatment including a scrub.

Hathi Pedicure

60 min - $29

Enjoy a fragrant sea salt foot bath before your skin is gently scrubbed and polished to new smoothness. Nails cleansing, trimming and varnishing (optional) is followed by a caring massage.

Hathi Manicure

60 min - $29

Enjoy a gentle hand scrub before your nails become trimmed, cleaned and varnished (optional). To complete this treat, you will be pampered with a nourishing massage.

Hathi After-Sun Treatment

30 min - $25

Soothe your sun-exposed skin with our moisturizing and cooling bamboo or aloe vera gel combined with a healing rose water, gently massaged into your body and face.

Package – Keep Going

90 min - $44

Foot & Leg Massage (30 min)
Pedicure (60 min)

Give your tired and stressed feet a break from exhausting traveling and treat them with a stimulating massage as well as a caring pedicure treatment.

Package – Relief & Relaxation

120 min - $75

Body Scrub (60 min)
Herbal Oil Massage (60 min)
The gentle cleaning of your skin with a soft Tamarind or Green Tea Scrub will prepare your body perfectly for the oil massage, which relieves muscular tensions and deeply de-stresses body and mind.

Package – Body & Soul Renewal

120 min - $85

Aromatherapy Oil Massage (60 min)
Radiant Facial (60 min)
Enjoy the exhilarating massage style with one of our high quality oils and get pampered with our facial treatment with organic products, which restores and brightens your skin.